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These classes are a great way to spice things up and get involved with the WOW! community.  If your current workout is feeling too routine, a new class is the perfect solution! Studies show that group exercise can be extra-effective, so we suggest finding an enjoyable class. For details and links to various studies & surveys, check out the article, “Join the Club!

zumba classes are one giant party!Zumba is one of our most popular classes! This aerobic dance workout combines the music of salsa, meringue, cumbia, belly dance, rock and much more. Zumba is a great way to have fun while burning hundreds of calories. You will challenge your body and mind while becoming a part of this hip and energizing fitness trend.

 Anne 12/06/13 rated Five Stars  (Yahoo Local):

I absolutely love the Zumba classes at Work Out World! […] I have lost 25 pounds just doing Zumba!”

kick-butt kickboxing classesCardio Kickboxing is a calorie-crushing workout which combines boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide complete conditioning and toning. Unlike traditional kickboxing, our cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between participants. Kicks, punches, strikes, and defensive maneuvers get your heart rate up and your whole body working.

May May 1/11/10 – Five Stars – (Yahoo Local):

“I really like it here, they have great kickboxing classes

yoga classes at wow gymYoga, an ancient practice from India, means “union,” referring to the union of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a holistic discipline featuring challenging postures and  breath work. The ultimate goal of yoga is attaining a state of perfect oneness, but in our class we focus on developing strength, flexibility,  balance, and endurance.

Hulda J. – Recommends – (CitySearch):

“I took yoga classes for the very first time at Work Out World, and I loved it from my first class.  […]  The instructor is amazing, walks you through  everything.  I never felt uncomfortable even once.  I feel like I’ve finally found my fitness routine.”

circuit training rocks at workoutworldCircuit Training combines resistance training and high intensity aerobics. It’s designed to build strength as well as endurance by using tools such as weights, exercise balls, steps, and mats. When one “circuit” is complete, the class quickly moves to the next in order to keep burning calories. It’s a full-body workout!


vivamos la revolucionSpin Classes are vigorous workouts performed on a stationary bike in the gym.  Pulsing music and charismatic instructors creates a very energetic environment. The leader guides participants through warm up, varied tempos, sprints, climbs, and a cool down. Each participant can control the bike’s resistance to make pedaling as easy or difficult as they choose.  Beginners and experts ride together and no one ever falls behind!


core and abs classesCore and Abs strengthens your core with a series of specialized exercises targeting each of the 29 core muscles. Basic maneuvers include the bridge, abdominal crunch, quadrupeds, and planks. Stability balls, resistance bands, and weights may also be incorporated. Proper core stability allows incredible control and cooperation between muscle groups.


total body conditioning wowTotal Body Conditioning is a great way to stay fit, healthy, and energetic. Rather than focusing on a specific muscle group, this works out your body as a whole. Total body conditioning can help to tone and tighten your entire body from shoulder to calves, leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction, strength, and balance.


latin aerobics work out worldLatin Aerobics is a sizzling south-of-the-border series that combines fiery rhythms with a high-energy environment. The movements are drawn from Latin dance and repeated in circuits to target various muscle groups and give you a great cardio workout. The group’s vivid enthusiasm takes your fitness to the next level!


Check your nearest Work Out World location to see the class schedules!

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Group fitness classes have been repeatedly proven to help people take their training to the next level.  At Work Out World, we host a variety of classes so everyone can find something they can enjoy!

Be Fit.  Be Healthy. Be Strong.