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Gym Mama’s Workout Mixtape Jan 13

Take Five.

Everybody’s got things they should be doing instead of sitting at a computer, so I’ll keep this brief…I know it’s a early for Mother’s Day, but it’s never to early to remind a Mom that she’s great! This is for all the Gym Mama’s out there <3!!!

–Five 5-minute workouts from around the web–

We spun these tracks together into a fresh compilation titled:

“Gym Mama’s Mix 2014″

1) Welcome to the Jungle (Introduction from Health.com)
2) Another One Bites the Dust (Self-Defense Cardio Blast)
3) I Will Survive (Core and Back Strengthening)
4) Shape Up / Ship Out (Dr. Oz exclusive)
5) Getting Stronger Every Day (Quick Tips to Kill Cramps)


Be Fit.  Be Healthy.  Be Strong.

 Written by Jack Risquéchamp

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